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America has become a McDonalized society. This means that not only do we expect convenience food...

...which has detrimental effects on our waistlines, but once we have expanded around the middle over a period of time, we expect instant results in the other direction.

Our culture exemplifies lean as the beautiful we should all achieve.  While not all of us are meant to be Barbie dolls, there are countless studies that show that our weight affects our health.  Many have turned to the gym, only to become discouraged when the weight didn’t just melt off.  With a personal training Upland, results can be measured and the excitement builds as you have your personal trainer Upland cheering you on.

Although a personal trainer may seem like an unnecessary expense when you could just as easily hop on the treadmill, the reasons for having a personal trainer are substantiated by research and results. 

For one, when you start your fitness training, a personal trainer Upland can give you an extensive and accurate fitness evaluation.  This will include making a weight chart, determining BMI (body mass index) and assist in setting a goal of certain amounts of sets on strength training as well as recommend cardio vascular exercise that will yield the goals you want.   In addition, personal training Upland can help assure that you are using the equipment properly, which lessons the likely hood that you will sustain injuries (which will ultimately make it take longer to reach your goal).

As many of us have found out the hard way, motivation is a difficult thing to sustain in an exercise program.  The real life reasons interfere with our desire or ability to work out.  Whether or not these reasons are justified, it still affects our end result.  Having a personal trainer Upland can give you the boost you need to be accountable.  It provides a working relationship in which your trainer is expecting to see your results.  For many people, having that accountability is just what is needed to make the plunge into the exercise commitment.  It never hurts to have a cheerleader telling you how great that two or three pound is when no one else may be noticing just yet…

A personal trainer can also help you design and modify a customized program. 

After the initial evaluation, you won’t stay at the same level of performance indefinitely.  The personal training Upland will help make periodic evaluations on what kind of progress you are making with new measurements, BMI updates, and observation of the level of difficulty you are performing with.  Once you reach your peak at a certain weight or repetition, you need to gradually add more to your workout to keep achieving results.  Your personal trainer walks through this process with you.  Your personal trainer can also recommend different workouts to avoid the boredom factor.


When selecting a personal trainer, there are many things to consider.  One is education/experience.  What kind of credentials does this person come with?  What kind of training have they received in the equipment you will be using?  Look for someone certified by ACSM or NSCA if you are trusting them to guide your fitness goals.  Experience is sometimes more valuable than education.  Find out what specialty your trainer’s experience is with (bodybuilding, aerobics, etc…) to help determine if they are a good fit for you.  

A personal trainer with experience will be able to encourage you when you get frustrated because they will have done it before.  Personality is another huge factor; you want someone who will blend with your personality so there is no personality conflict.  This will also assure that you will WANT to come to the gym, not avoid it.  Having an appealing personality makes it much easier to have a built in cheerleader.  For some people, a personal trainer’s gender is an important consideration.  If that is something you determine is important, be upfront when looking for a trainer to avoid problems later on.

Most importantly, find out what the cost is and what is included in the cost of your trainer.  How long/frequent are the sessions, how much is the gym membership, and are there any other fees or requirements?  Find out if there are personal training packages available.  

Don’t try to put a price tag on your fitness!  By working out now, you are giving yourself a better quality of life, a social network, and health benefits too numerous to mention.  Don’t consider it as “having to do” and exercise routine.  Consider it a new way of life, and friends and better health.

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